How London happened.

When I used to host sessions in Amsterdam a lot of clients commented to me that I should really visit the UK – as there was an amazing fetish scene – and when I thought about it I couldn’t resist. It’s only a 1 hour flight away. A big temptation and a new experience. What not to love!

In September 2017 I took the plunge to visit London for sessions and I got hooked immediately. It seems to be a city with a buzz and where many people share my interests. For example my uniform kink and corporal punishment are things which are easily recocpricated. Also I find that there are some real perverted minds in London which make me really happy.

After my first visit, I could not wait to go again. I will announce on this page my tour schedule to London. As I only give limited sessions – and rent a professional dungeon –  a downpayment / deposit is mandatory to secure your booking. For hardsports sessions I require a minimum of a 1 hour session. 


  • 180 pounds 1 hour – regular session
  • 360 pounds 2 hours – regular session
  • 250 pounds 1 hour – scat/hardsports
  • 12 hour / overnight toilet play – 1000 pounds (larger downpayment neccesary)

Tour schedule

Sunday 14 January 

Monday 15 January 

Tuesday 16 January

For January all dirty sessions are fully booked. If you want to be on the cancellation list you can send me an email to – In case somebody cancels his hardports session I will contact you instead. 

Monday 5 February | no hardsports available

Tueday 6 February | 10 am – 4 pm available – 1 hardsports session possible