How London happened.

When I used to host sessions in Amsterdam a lot of clients commented to me that I should really visit the UK – as there was an amazing fetish scene – and when I thought about it I couldn’t resist. It’s only a 1 hour flight away. A big temptation and a new experience. What not to love!

I will announce on this page my tour schedule to London. Between Wednesday 16th of May – Tuesday 22nd  of May I will return to the English Capital once more.

As I only give limited sessions – and rent a professional dungeon –  a downpayment / deposit is mandatory to secure your booking. For hardsports sessions I require a minimum of a 1 hour session. 


Single session

  • 180 pounds 1 hour – regular session
  • 360 pounds 2 hours – regular session
  • 250 pounds 1 hour – scat/hardsports

Duo session with Lady Hessa

  • 360 pounds 1 hour – regular duo session
  • 500 pounds 1 hour – hardsports duo session 
  • 100 pounds 1 hour confinement 

Tour schedule


Wednesday 16th May – after 5 pm

Thursday 17th May 

Friday 18th May

Saturday 19th May – scat session fully booked

Sunday 20th May 

Monday 21th May

Tuesday 22nd May 


Special highly exclusive duo sessions are possible with Domina Hessa. If you want to have a High Class experience with two authentic Ladies of Kink then you should not miss the chance to serve us.

How to book a session:

A downpayment or deposit is required for advanced bookings. State in your enquiry the date, time and duration and state your preferences and experience level. As we hire a professional dungeon all your downpayments are non refundable in case of cancellation. 

Email to  to apply and serve. 

Note about Hardsports 

As hardsports/scat sessions are the most requested kind of session I do recommend you book your scat session as soon as possible to not get dissapointed and miss out on me. Usually there is a cancellation list; meaning if somebody cancels his scat session there is a waitinglist.